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We have just about all went right into a home or office and cringed when we peered straight down! Do not permit your own carpets and rugs to humiliate you. In the event that a real estate agent inspected your property, exactly what might he or she declare in relation to your own flooring? Loved ones, friends, as well as YOU really should feel safe if you stand, sit down, or even relax on your carpet! A large component of a first impression of your house is founded on the whole picture (and scent!) of your carpeting.

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Defend Your State Of Health

The EPA research has revealed the fact that fresh air within our homes is without a doubt a lot more dangerous compared to outdoor oxygen! Dust mites, animal pollen, in house molds, and pollens pretty much all contribute to asthma and allergies! Regrettably, some (if not all) of these bothersome contaminants are found within your carpets and rugs. You can observe however they are there. The particular EPA says that temperature ranges should achieve 130 degrees to be able to destroy dustmites. Our truck-mounted extremely heated cleaning program provides water to greater than two hundred and twenty degrees Farenheit-farewell dustmites along with dander!

Renew Carpet Care

Thank you for stopping by and discovering Renew Carpet Care, your premium carpet solution inside the Upper St Clair Area. All of us look forwards to helping your own rugs and carpets look and feel brand new yet again!

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Services include: Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Pet Stain Removal

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Protect Your Own Investment

Look at the flooring investment you've made for your home. In the event that you're like most individuals, you are looking at obtaining the optimum use for your own investment. As an alternative of choosing to replace aged, dirty carpet--renew it! You may well not vigilantly vacuum your own carpet every week. (Yes, even carpet which looks clean really should be frequently vacuumed to remove dust mites as well as dust particles.)